Three years ago, at the age of nine, I started our community's first event (with help), an Easter Egg Hunt. We held a fundraiser at a restaurant, colored and filled over 500 eggs, and I delivered appreciation cards to sponsors. Last year, I combined a book drive with the egg hunt. I also solicited book donations from teachers, friends, family, neighbors, and Girl Scouts totaling over 2,700 donated books. We took the donated books; along with my personal contribution of books, to form a Library for my mom's ESL class. The value, of these 2,700 books, is immeasurable considering the number of students it will help over the years. I volunteer to read some of these same books with the ESL students. I try to be patient and help to pronounce words, while I encourage them to read.

          This was my second year to volunteer to help plant trees within our community through Keep Indiana Beautiful. I am on a committee (representing the kids), for a proposed expansion of the KIB plantings, to include a community playground this year.

          My love for my Nana fueled my desire to start Nana's Cancer Miracles to help children and adults with cancer. I have already recruited 30 volunteers to help provide services that will lift patient's sprits and give them hope. My first visit to Central Indiana Cancer Center was a success. I am presently arranging visits to a hospital and other cancer centers where volunteers will play games, entertain, and paint nails to make patients forget that they are in a hospital. I am currently working on ways to fund these projects. I want to help everyone, regardless of income. I saw the need to help others, already dealing with financial shortcomings because of their health, that were unable to afford simple things they need. I have already begun collecting wigs, scarves, and hats. I hope to make Nana's Cancer Miracles an everlasting symbol of my love for my Nana.

          I am an honor roll student who loves playing basketball, volleyball, and clarinet in the band. Last year, I helped the middle school raise almost $1,000 from a Spaghetti Dinner and Raffle. I sold raffle tickets door to door in my community. I assisted at the dinner in the preparations, serving the spaghetti, and cleaning up. I sold 80 fundraiser items for school and the band this year (one of the top in sales). My commitment to education extends beyond my honor roll grades and fundraising for schools. I am presently building my college fund by networking with 11 neighbors that save cans for recycling. Recycling not only helps my college fund, but also aids in helping our environment which touches all of our lives.

          Faith, Family, Love, Hope, and Compassion are all things that motivate me. I have a deep commitment for people. Nana's Cancer Miracles lets me express those visions with others and I hopefully will give cancer victims like my Nana a reason to put a smile on their face.

I am glad that you come to visit my site,

Ashley Slayton